“The current interpretation of inverse condemnation, holding utilities strictly liable for any wildfire caused by utility equipment regardless of standard of care or negligence, imperils the viability of the state’s utilities, customers’ access to affordable energy and clean water, and the state’s climate and clean energy goals; it also, does not equitably socialize the costs of utility-caused wildfires.

- Commission on Catastrophic Wildfire
Cost & Recovery
, June 2019


"Firefighters rely on various tools to keep California communities safe, including water that comes from public drinking water systems across the state. Public water suppliers should not be blamed or held responsible for the very fires we rely on them to help put out."

- Garrett Contreras, Fire Chief
City of Hayward Fire Department


“Caught in the middle of the recent debate over wildfire liability are California’s drinking water suppliers, especially those serving rural areas and communities most at risk from catastrophic fires. Without common sense reforms, water suppliers could be forced to bear huge costs for wildfire damage, even when they don’t start those fires. California’s strict liability standard is unsustainable and places drinking water, ratepayers, taxpayers, and the jobs of union workers and the futures of our families at risk.”

- Rick Wilson, President
Utility Workers Union of America’s
California Water Utility Council


“The same logic used against the Yorba Linda Water District is now being used in suits across the state against other public drinking water suppliers. These risks will be magnified if the Governor and Legislature do not act to protect the safety of communities who depend on strong water systems.”

- Marc Marcantonio, General Manager
Yorba Linda Water District


“While many of the conversations around wildfire liability have understandably focused on energy providers, it is important to also recognize the far‐reaching consequences of failing to implement commonsense reforms to California’s unsustainable strict liability standard. The same dire situation currently faced by California’s energy providers could befall the State’s hundreds of public drinking water suppliers.”

- Jim Ciampa
Public Water Agencies Group